Dental Aesthetic

Aesthetic Dentistry Treatments

Our clinic is focused on dental aesthetics, we perform different dental treatments:

Blanqueamiento │ Pilar Fenoy - Clínica Dental en Barcelona

Tooth bleaching

Tooth whitening is a conservative, aesthetic treatment option for our patients who have dental color changes. This natural color can be affected by intrinsic or extrinsic alterations of the structures that make up the tooth.

The teeth whitening process is a chemical reaction in which molecules of the whitening gel penetrate and bleach the particles that produce the dark color in the tooth. By applying a whitening gel on the surface of the tooth we can clarify the color of the tooth without having to perform any other process.

Aesthetic composite reconstructions

The composite is a material widely used in dentistry to make ‘fillings’, in aesthetic dentistry we have modern composites, which have different very aesthetic colors, which faithfully reproduce the different colors of the tooth. With this material we have the ability to reproduce the translucent color of the enamel and more opaque and yellowish dentin, giving the tooth a natural appearance. The advantage of this type of treatment is that it adheres to the tooth without having to wear it, we can perform aesthetic treatments by correcting size, length, width, shape and color and even reconstruct incisors that have fractured.

Reconstrucciones Estéticas de composite │ Pilar Fenoy - Clínica Dental en Barcelona
Incrustaciones dentales │ Pilar Fenoy - Clínica Dental en Barcelona

Posterior indirect restorations

The posterior indirect restorations or ‘inlays’ are made when necessary in premolars and molars that have had extensive caries or in which a root canal has been performed and have lost a lot of dental structure. Some years ago in these tooth crowns were made, which had the disadvantage of that the tooth structure had to be cut to be able to make it and weakened the tooth more. Currently we make inlays, they have the advantages of replacing the part of the tooth that has been lost, they adhere to what we have left of the tooth, without having to cut it more and it mimics a lot with what we have left of the tooth, being very aesthetic.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are sheets that are attached to the tooth in order to improve their aesthetics. The ceramic veneers that we carry out in our clinic are feldspathic veneers, they are called that because they have a large percentage of feldspar, is the ceramic that has greater translucency and less opacity, this ceramic is the most similar to natural enamel, so it is considered the prettiest.

Through feldspathic veneers we can correct defects in shape, size, color and length. We can make small corrections of position or inclinations, but in cases where the teeth are crowded or badly positioned we bet on performing a previous orthodontic treatment.

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Rehabilitation Treatment

On many occasions over the years, our teeth may have worn out, due to bruxism or other pathologies such as anorexia, bulimia or gastric reflux, ceasing to fulfill their function and leaving the cusps of premolars and molars completely flattened. It is possible to return to our teeth the original height, anatomy and color, recovering the original dimension of the teeth. In the cases of rehabilitation, the dimension of the lower part of the face that had been lost is recovered, and for them, dentists call this type of treatment `rehabilitation with an increase in vertical dimension’. For the rehabilitation we try to carve the natural tooth at least, in the premolars and molars we recover the anatomy by means of incrustations and in incisors and canines we can make reconstructions of composite, veneers or in more extreme cases crowns.

In order to rehabilitate the original form of the tooth we perform a wax up in a custom plaster model of the mouth (which are like the plans of a house), from the wax up we make a provisional in the patient’s mouth in order to see if aesthetically we like both to our patient and we examine if the musculature adapts to the new size of the teeth. After we have decided the design with the provisional restorations, we start the definitive rehabilitation. We can use veneers, restorations, inlays or crowns for the definitive rehabilitation, in each case we decide which is better.

Rehabilitación Dental - Inicial


Rehabilitación Dental - Encerado


Rehabilitación Dental - Final