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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Pilar Fenoy

Dr. Pilar Fenoy finished her degree in Dentistry at the University of Granada in July 2005, later moved to Barcelona, ​​to train in cosmetic dentistry. It was prepared at the International University of Catalonia, ending in July 2007 the Master in Dental Operation and Aesthetics and in July 2009 Master in Advanced Aesthetic Rehabilitation, both masters with exclusive dedication during that period. Subsequently he has continued working as a teacher in the Department of Restorative Dentistry of the international university of Catalonia and has collaborated in different clinics in the upper area in Barcelona, ​​always as a specialist in dental aesthetics. Between 2015 and 2018 she was coordinator of the Dental Aesthetics diploma at Plenido Dental School, with national and international speakers. In July 2017 he defended the doctoral thesis, entitled ‘Influence of antioxidants, sodium ascorbate and alpha-tocopherol, in the strength of adhesion to enamel previously bleached with bleaching dentifrices’ obtaining the Cum laude rating. She currently combines teaching in the university with private practice in the clinic.

For a few months she has been directing her dental clinic in Barcelona, ​​it is a harmonious and pleasant space, with an exclusive location. Together with her team, she believes in ethical and quality dentistry, where they work by specialties and always prioritizing patients.

We are specialized in rehabilitation and dental aesthetics. We consider that in the society in which we live, where the appearance becomes increasingly important and within it the smile plays an important role, since in many cases it is our cover letter. When we interact with other people, the first thing we see is their smile, which is why we consider it to be of utmost importance. We can modify the color, size, shape and position, returning the lost aesthetic to the smile or correcting congenital defects or anatomical anomalies, providing in this case a smile of natural and harmonic appearance. Dental aesthetic treatments range from tooth bleaching, aesthetic restorations, inlays, composite veneers, feldespathic veneers, porcelain crowns, etc.

Our philosophy is to provide patients with a comprehensive, ethical and quality treatment plan, informing them of the different treatment options for their case, in a calm and harmonious environment. Our goal is to provide a reliable service, where health promotion is a priority.


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